Favorites this week: August 1 – August 8

In lieu of me beginning a new chapter in life (just joined grad school) I’m kicking off August with a fresh start. Only one recommendation for this week: Reset to zero.

I agree with the author’s idea completely, only want to add one point that we should also reset our mindset/thoughts. I keep Sundays free of work (as in no studying/checking mails etc.) It is harder than you think, with the constant fear of missing out but it is worth it. Just a single day without any obligations (work/study) recharges me fully for the week ahead. Especially for students like me, there are no set work-hours and we are expected to do a lot (more so in grad school) with all the classes, self-studying, exams, social gatherings, dating etc. etc. It becomes essential to have breaks otherwise the stress piles over and leads to depression and anxiety. Anyway I can ramble on but here is the message: RESET.
I’m off to my break. bye!

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Favorites this week: July 15 – July 21

Every week, I share a bunch of posts from around the web/ebooks etc. that have helped me in some way on the minimalist journey, but they need not be on Minimalism. I do not take credit for any of these posts.

  1. 13 reasons to live with less – theyearwithless
  2. Simply 4 reasons to quit minimalist logic – Hip Diggs
    I actually quite agree with the author, minimalism has its own “traps” that arise because of what he calls “black and white thinking”. We must not feel pressured to pursue a lifestyle designed by somebody else. A lifestyle is subjective and while it can have borrowed elements from others, it need not mimic them.

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