New year, new-ish goals

This post is more for my future self rather than someone on the other side of the screen but I thought there must be some wandering soul in need of motivation and if so, here is your call: Make 2019 your own. Set some goals and break some records. If not now, when? It is a beautiful moment.

Coming back to my goals:

1. Write more, more and then some more. Write eloquently, poetically, honestly and from the heart.

2. Connect more online: It might sound counter to the motto of my life, but I’m in a phase of my life where I cannot connect to people around me or there’ll be professional consequences. Hence the tumblr.

3. Read more: more papers, more articles, more thoughts, more between the lines.

4. Do more: Work on my personal projects. Devote time for the website I love so much. It is my child after all.

5. Learn more: learn the language of the land. learn the language of the people on the other end of the world!

6. Above all: Never lose sight of the person I wanna be. It is a rough patch of sorts and I need all the self-love and motivation I can muster.

I’m gonna rock 2019. What about you?


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